Who we are

Incorporated in 2011 and governed under the company law of Rwanda, SWATTACE is an impact business oriented that offers different services including but not limited to link buyers and sellers of non- movable assets like Houses, land and movable assets like Cars, etc. Critically we link commercial banks and their clientele, this is to say, in case the commercial bank wants to re-sale the mortgaged asset by the client, we facilitate a bank in finding for the reasonable client as our demand and supply clientele is built on a strong foundation. We aim at identifying and building concrete buying and selling framework supported by immense values on the business relationship and we are ready to work closely with our prospective clientele and leverage on our valued relationship to seize the existing opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as the most trusted provider and a center of reference where property buyers and sellers are able to find meaningful and reliable buy and sell information. We always strive to earn our customers’ loyalty by listening to them, anticipating their needs and acting to create value for them. We expect to deliver the best we have to our customers by always keeping SWATTACE values at the forefront.

Our Mission

SWATTACE was founded with the mission to provide unparalleled quick and fair service for sale, purchase, leasing and renting of movable and Non-movable properties. We are committed at assisting our clients in improving and reducing their buying and selling processes by consistently linking the buyers and sellers needs leveraging an immense knowledge and experience that we have gained over years in the service delivery as we provide exceptional value to customers.

Our Core Values

At SWATTACE, we embrace the aged fundamentals of simple, solid and timeless service delivery and incorporate them into the foundation and principals of free enterprise. We stand committed to working with ethical entrepreneurs to build and preserve their businesses for generations. Our Core Values are Rapidity, Professionalism, innovation, teamwork, Accountability, Integrity and transparency.